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>> and you for waking up with kron 4 news. >> hotel guests were left " club and will tell you why there were evacuated. >> the north east is waiting to take a another blow. we will have details on the weather that they're facing. >> the dow suffered as worst day of the year just one day after the election. >> the things are changing with the weather for this afternoon. >> with the introduction of wets weather was see dwe will sy
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dry for your morning commute. it is a chilly start. most locations are sitting in the 40's and '50's. later on today will have core weather to contend with. we will contend with isolated showers as we continue into afternoon. the rain is certainly coming and walking through the timing of this storm. >> we're already looking at a back up on the bay bridge toll plaza in the westbound direction where the metering lights have been activated. you are wants to see the blaze of about nine minutes. the only slow traffic you will encounter is likely to be on interstate 580 or highway 4. the rest of the bay is still the one okay. >> new store for you this morning is that a number of people that are seeking unemployment benefits fell by 8000. the economists
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stated that these numbers are a bit distorted because of hurricane sandy. meantime stocks have closed with a worse one day stock of the year. the bigger problem is that the fiscal cliff that is being debated. the dow jones average plunged by about 300 points. and it ended at 12,932. the s&p 500 dropped by 32. the unemployment benefits are one of the big days that will drive trading today. we will see what will happen with the opening bell rings. >> everyone had to get out of this embassy suites hotel. >> the reason why they had to get out of their rooms was because of carbon monoxide. this happened about 1:00 a.m. this morning. if the fire department just left about
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20 minutes ago. they are finally okay to return to their room. the one common denominator is that they're probably very tired after a long night. >> here is video that we received when we arrived at 1:00 the morning. this is all the guests who are in the lobby. the fire department went room to room to make sure that there was no victims. they learned that it came from a boiler. and this boiler either warms the whawater at the hotel. here is what residents said. >> and recorded a voice came on this stated that we had to evacuate. they did not
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say what it was but the alarm did go off. >> i thought i was smart and i grabbed my hotel key so that i can give back in the room. i should of grab my car keys so i could about my car and went back to sleep. >> a fortune when no one was injured and they even brought out the has meant team. no one has to be taken to the hospital. right around maybe 5:30 a.m. this is what everybody was able to return. this was pretty scary for some people. they begged the authorities to assess the level was low they wanted to go back to their rooms. they stated that they wanted to grab their luggage so that they can get on their plan. >> this is a good reminder
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that this is the season we hear about carbon monoxide and people are not being aware of it. if people are not have a right detectors in their homes. >> we talk to the fire chief he stated that by law everyone is a carbon monoxide sensors. he stated that they do work since people are now burning logs and generators. he stated that this is just a reminder that you needed and unfortunately the hotel has been in all their rules. >> the northeast is dealing with a one to punch. rain, wind and snow is piling up on the northeast. people are still without power after hurricane sandy and now they are dealing with more problems. >> the mayor is stating that people should go to higher ground or someplace safe. he moved some residents who
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requested assistance. governor chris christie is frustrated and he had a press conference yesterday and it showed he still had a sense of humor. and >> i hate setbacks. this one i cannot control. the weather is what it is and i am waiting for the locus and passed to come next. >> you have to laugh to keep from crying. >> we are watching for the ripple effect in the bay area and so far five flights have been cancelled to the airlines are reminded you that you should check their web site and that way you know i had the time whether not your flight has been canceled so you do not arrive at the airport. >> new this morning chevron
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is stated as it will replace their pipes at the richmond refinery. this is due to the massive fire that broke out in august. chevron stated that corrosion to their pipes costa fire and they are replacing the pipes with crone alloyed to prevent corrosion. >> chevron hopes to complete the repairs and it will restart this early in the year. >> of this on the muni bus that was damaged. police have arrested another person. this is by a bystander with a cell phone and this is what was put on line. decease several people in this video are setting the bus on fire and smashing windows. this total to about million dollars. the police stated that they would make a second arrest and they're still looking for several other suspects. >> it is now 6:07 a.m. and
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we will be right back. >> we just learned rekindles from walnut creek that now chick filet is opening up early. as we take a live look will have more on what is going on and why they decided to open up early.
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>> we are back. it is now 6:10 a.m.. >> the new chick filet
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restaurant and walnut creek is now open. people were camping out overnight. >> they probably are very happy because now they can get their hands on some chicken. they waited all night and some of the weighted as early as 5:00 a.m. to get their free chicken. the first 100 people in line get a free chicken for a year. this group is very happy and they're not the only group that is flocking here. the group's is going also be doing a protest at 9:00 a.m.. their protest a that chick fillets donationsgay orgau might remember that the company president spoke out. they stated that they will provide a place for the
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group protesters and that the company battles of all people and that that will treat everyone with dignity, honor and respect. >> if they want to protest and that is their god-given right. they will not stop me from loving chick filleted. this is all that i have to say. >> this is a free country and they are free to protest as long as it is peaceful. >> i will be eating my chicken. >> now this group has their chicken that will pack up their tents and go home for the morning. about a hundred people were out here and unfortunate they are big fans. the group that is coming to protest the death of the are not fans of chick slate. >> we will watch this story
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as it continues to develop. people will be having their free chicken this morning >> . it is 6:13 a.m. and will be right back in a moment. >> we have the rain on the way and will talk about that. there is no more heartbreaking a sight than the sad. the exposed. the public testament to unrealized potential in such epic proportion. conversely, there is nothing more glorious...
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>> the time now is 6:15 a.m.. >> look at the snow that is falling. this is video out of hartford, conn. this storm is passing through and they have rain and snow. this is on the heels of super storm sandy. if they are recovering from that and now they have a another blow. they estimate to get 2 to 4 in. of snow and certain areas. we may also feel the effects of the storm because of canceled flights. >> they were talking about super storm sandy last week and about 20,000 flights were canceled. many of these airlines are just started to
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catch up and now they have more problems. yesterday in fact 1300 flights out of the north ease were completely cancelled. today we expect to see more. here and there were a dozen flights that were affected yesterday and so far we have said only five to six that have been canceled. these are flights that are going out. the big airlines that are affected are american, delta and jet blew. at least a jet blew is waving their $150 changed see f fee. the best advice thati can give you is that you should call your airline before you come to the airport just to make sure that your flight has not been affected. it may not be
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cancelled but it may be delayed. >> many of these planes were stuck in the northeast and they cannot get to where they needed to be. you may be affected one way or another but so far so good you should call before you come carry it >> let's get it over to the weather department and we have an update with erica. >> it is prea pretty large system. it is not that impressive of this system but the big concern is how close it was to hurricane sandy that happened last week. the green and yellow does indicate cold rain. the blue indicates where it is snowing. philadelphia actually receive six--yes to that we saw wind gusts up
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to 60 mi. per hour. there is a concern for a storm surge today. this is nothing compared to what we saw with hurricane sandy last week. parts of the eastern seaboard so battered the that is why we are looking for--i see conditions are on the road with their. the flight cancellations and of course there is a possibility of a downed trees and power lines. this is something that we will be monitoring all morning long and a lot of the wet weather and snow is heading out of the new york city area. >> it is pretty breezy out in the bay area. we're also mantra in with weather. you concede this system will be impacting you recall. it is dry and the bay area and a relatively clear. there is no guarantee in the afternoon hours. futurecast
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4 shows 2 at 11:00 a.m. that it will be starting to hit santa rosa. was sh we will be gt impacted and you should keep an umbrella handy. we may be dealing with what weather for your evening commute. about 10:00 p.m. you still will be dealt with rain. there may be scattered showers for east bay shoreline. the showers will persist and it is a fast- moving system. we may see problems on the road wet when you wake up for tomorrow morning. >> the wind has died down for oakland. as we take a look at your temperature upper '40's for north bay periods 49 degrees for daly city. that afternoon highs will not be much warmer.
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mountain view will be as 61 and 59 degrees for sunnyvale. it will be a chilly one and sweait's winter weather is on tad.sweater weathn tact. monday will be a little bit warmer but we do have a wet weather once again as we head into the middle of next week. >> we are looking at a bit of the back up on the bay bridge toll plaza. there was a stall on incline and it was cleaquickly cleared. if you are heading out right now you will probably encounter normal conditions. it is now barely backed up on the 880. for the san mateo bridge is
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still a pretty good ride 11 to 13 minutes. in the westbound direction. at the golden gate bridge 1 01 south brown is still an easy trip. looking at your traffic map here as we pick up the shore freeway want. this drive time is now 18 minutes. 680 south is starting to slow down at the 242 interchange. for your ride through the south bay 1 01 is picking up slow traffic. '85 and '87 look great. >> workers with the united golden commercials unit is one to be rallying out of this gross restore an alameda. this is the fifth straight day that they have walked off the job. after 15 months of contract
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negotiations and this company broke down. the main sticking point seems to be the changes with their health care benefits. they stated that it is clearly understood that the company must reduce our costs so that we can be more competitive with nonunion competition. >> and contra costa county a man accused of killing a retired teacher is said to enter a plea to murder charges. the man and wife are charged with her death. the couple is facing charges for a crime spree that they started in california. we will have a crew at the courthouse to give you more. >> an 11 month old girl fell out of a third store window. she fell yesterday afternoon into some bushes
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and she was airlifted to a hospital. we do i have the details on her injury but she is a critical trauma patient and investigators stated that this fall was an accident. >> it is 6:24 a.m. and we will be right back. >> we will have more on the man that shot the woman in arizona. >> [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait.
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safeway. ingredients for life.
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>> the man who shot the representative in the head will be sentenced this morning at 9:00 a.m.. he pleaded guilty to 19 counts and he--guilford and her husband will appear and her husband is one to speak on behalf of the family. the man opened fire on guilford at a public event occurs in a parking lot of this supermarket in tucson, arizona. he killed six people and wounded 13 including guilford. >> the man accused of making the anti is some fem has been sentenced to one year in prison. this
6:28 am
sentence is not for the movie but because he used an alias which violated his probation. dismal with pro traced the profit mohammed and a naso with light. >> it is 6:28 a.m.. >> we are just two minutes away from the opening bell on wall street.
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line we are back as 6:30 a.m.. >> yesterday-- >> never rang the bell and then never once said okay. the program have a hangover period
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>> new this morning a hotel in burlingame has been evacuated early this morning while people were sleeping. if the people had said get out of the hotel just the clothes on their back due to a carbon monoxide leak. >> this is one man's bullyinann's boulevard. >> right now we want to focus on weather and it is chilly outside. >> is pretty clear right now on we do not have any ground fault to talk about. we do have wets weather on the way and there is a lot of arctic air pushing them. it is cool
6:32 am
and the conditions are cloudy. tomorrow will have potential for scattered so rain showers that will affect your morning commute. dry weather but it will be unseasonably cool. >> we will have an impact lead roland later on this after. and i will lead to know when you will need your umbrellas. >> the san mateo bridge drive is pretty good. he is just an 11 to 12 minute drive. most of the traffic is in the east bay on interstate 580 and highway 4. >> it is 6:32 a.m.. >> new york and new jersey
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are bringing rain, wind and now the threat of flooding. this is happening even after they have dealt with hurricane sandy. as you can see with this video that these are circumstances that a lot of this area does not need. they have power outages and they have lines that are down. they have a lot snow and people are still having difficulty driving on the road due to debris. now the snow and ice is being thrown on top of it and it is very hard to get around. they're dealing with below freezing temperature and most of them do not have heat. >> it does not matter whether the doors open or close because i do not have heat. >> i am waiting for them to come fix it here. we do not have heat right now. >> it just i love good for
6:34 am
people in new york city. the police went with loudspeakers telling people that they need to get out and for them to move to higher ground. madam mayor cannot issue any evacuations and he just left it voluntarily. >> united airlines stated that hurricane sandy cut their revenue because there were forced to cancel over 5000 flights. they stated that the storm shaved about $35 million off their profit for october. other airlines are now feeling the impact. >> as we continue to follow a decision 202012. the
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democrats have the advantage of passing tax increases without the up republicans voting. this is the first time since 1965 that the democrats have controlled a super majority of the senate. this is the only time since california voters passed proposition 13. this raised the legislative vote. the democrats cannot do this and they do not need the cooperation of republicans. it looks like they may still control 27 seats. and they are closing in on the same margin in the us and the period. >> a lot of people did turn out to vote and the final count was about 9.5 million
6:36 am
ballots that were cast. this is compared to 10.4 million that were cast in 2008. this was a big year with president obama born for his first year in office. the field poll also predicts that more than half of the people that botha would vote by mail. >> this has spent on
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enough we have new details about samsung is latest smart phone the dallas tx 3.
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it became the world's best selling model last quarter pushing aside the iphone. samsung sold 80 million as three models and the third quarter compared with the eye phones for asset sales of 60 million. the iphone 5 will read liklikely reclaim the spot. tech crash reports twitter usually send out these type of the females when a significant number of accounts have been attacked. twitter has not confirmed the size of hack. users that receive the e-mail's should reset passwords. >> and update on the deadly meningitis outbreak the death toll has now risen to 31. the number of people affected has risen to 420
6:42 am
across 19 states. a live look to edit the approach to the bay bridge traffic is backing up all of it. there are clouds in the sky and you will even chilly see rain here in the bay. oakland is warming up to 60 this afternoon.
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>> top stories that we're following this morning you are looking at the people are staying overnight in the embassy suites in burlingame that were driven from their rooms by carbon monoxide alarms. they had to leave their hotel rooms and have been able to reap a return now. one person was treated for possible co2 poisoning. snow and rain and winds gusting up to 60 mi. an hour, more than half a million people remained
6:46 am
without power following super storm sandy. this will make it worse and it means more delays for travelers. >> yesterday was a rough day for the dow. it is up 37 today. we're joined by rob black will break down what is going on on wall street today. the most recent coming was the jobless numbers. >> i did not see too much was affected clearly by the storm. the number is down by thousands. but it but first- time jobless claims are up today. the fiscal cliff is plenty of big topic for the next 60 days. europe is going to have in a handbasket for the next five years. greece will eventually leave the you're wrong. the other side of the
6:47 am
story is a lack of job confidence. >> yesterday after the election we had two people remove from office saying that they were going to find the right things. that is what wall street needs to hear right? that we need to avoid this? >> i think so. at think there's a little bit of a mandate for democrats who won office. the scary thing for wall street and again i'm not a wall street parlance of the use this against me is that as with warren got elected. the bank in stocks oversold yesterday and i would use it as a buying opportunity. bankamerica stock could double over the next five to seven years. ms. >> down of the key figure that came out was that hot? >> yes is the first sales drop in nine years. makes
6:48 am
sad? they are restaurants and even those hard, restaurant. the stocks jumped 2.5%. when these picked up steam. burger king is doing well. mcdonnell has commercial sales every day. there dollar menu... when they make a little bit of a sales drop it hurts the bottom line. >> of you think of his economic times as the people would flock to. i guess the margins are that fan and it hits >> shareholders and long term if you look at 25 to 40 years and mcdonald is gone
6:49 am
to seven up seven at eight years. it uses as an opportunity. >> airlines, united airlines is canceling flights because of a hurricane sandy and now the nor'easter its seems like they're really take a beating right now. >> be in a good way. united is the only line that has the 787. traffic cuts due to weather-related problems is ok. and the holiday lines are still doing good they are packed a and buses in the air. they have the right labour market and they beat the unions over had so much to the point of there pretty said. i would not invest in their line but they're healthy. if you tried to book a flight for thanksgiving, good luck to you. yoli allow help getting
6:50 am
on that plane. >> thank you very much a will see 11 or we talk about winners and losers. >> it seems that the north east just cannot win. the hurricane sandy and now the nor'easter. we have a rain storm coming up. to even call it a storm? >> you can call it a store in daria. he is some light rain into the afternoon was scattered showers on the back end. outside to her tam had cam winds are starting to die down. satellite and radar tracking the cold front approaching eureka with three yellow on your screen. at the most part indicates light rainfall. to be dry in the bay area with no concerns for a mortar morning commute. in the 11:00 hour you can see some of the rain reach in the north bay. it will continue
6:51 am
the march is way south with alegre lawyers trees stretching from the coast and inland towards livermore and tracy you could see some light rain as far south as murray creek. drive of extra cost of over the roadways. 10:00 p.m. tonight mainly along the coast you can also see some thunderstorms. we will keep that around is to we head into friday morning. take a look at your current conditions is cold out there. sweater weather on tap with upper '40's for santa rosa and that was 49 for daly city as we head into the afternoon as temperatures will not change by much. 54 after a high in concord daly city at 5657 for dell tells said francisco sphere and it
6:52 am
translates to snow in the sierra. with that we could see up to two to 6 in. of snow with when sustained at 15 to 25 mi. per hour. slow levels will drop to 2,500 ft. and if you're headed in that direction drive with extra caution on the passes and keep those chains handy. 7 day around the bay forecast shows dry weather in to the weekend. on monday looked to be awareness of the week and wednesday in 60s low 60s. >> a pretty ride still run the bay area. we are not tracking in the hot spots. the bridges look good in the bay bridge is backup is eased a bit of the 880 approach we are not in the macarthur maze. average approach 80 minutes. the san mateo bridge we have not seen things slow down and we're still clocking 11 to
6:53 am
12 minutes drive time. the golden gate bridge was delay free and it is still the conditions here in the south 11 ride. on the 80 westbound it is up to 21 minutes from hercules to berkeley. so let ride for west. 680 to the san ramon valley has not yet begun to slow in the 580 ride is typically heavy through the all to my enemies the livermore in dublin. the south bay as the steps of a slowing on the guadalupe parkway northbound leading up to highway 17. 280 but still looks great. the marin ride is not begun to slow. the southbound commute right is still under 25 minutes. >> that on kron4 morning news the governor's office in colorado is the munchies. , after becoming the first
6:54 am
day to fully allow you to smoke pot. we'll have more on that and a couple of minutes. a live look the san francisco where we have a nice morning although it is chilly out the weather is going to change later on.
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>> the governor's office in colorado and an unusual delivery following the passage of an amendment that fully legalized marijuana in that state. an attorney in mayodelivered chinos and snacks susan maye. they are told that s to satisfy the munchies. this was just in case he wanted to partaken some of the week.ed. so i had how the
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star among the east coast as affecting travel and how we are still getting around. checks l.a. is opening its newest chain and east bay. they've pulled up their stakes for chickens. u.s. see has some explaining to do. with the trojans tried to do to beat the oregon ducks. also gary radnich. we will be back
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